Startup Weekend Los Baños Powered By Google

Startup Weekend Los Baños Powered By Google

Naotech Incorporated with its selected members recently participated in a fun new event that intends to provide its entrants with as much knowledge, exposure, and let them connect with like-minded innovative people. Start-up Weekend powered by Google for Entrepreneurs which is held in the beautiful campus of University of the Philippines Los Baños is a 54 hour event that allows the entrants to:

  • Connect with people driven to build something new and equally energized as you, to keep that idea going.
  • Discover your current journey in making things happen with your innovative ideas.
  • Learn from successful and well experienced entrepreneurs both local and international. Let them educate and provide you with one of a kind advices and learn from their experiences in making that idea of yours possible and marketable.
  • Start your business with the help of newly found colleagues, materialize your business ideas and make a difference.

The event started with a few introductions then quickly proceeded to pitch fire. Each participants were given 2 minutes to pitch their ideas and state what necessary skills and connections she requires. Afterwards, each participants must vote which pitch was the best for them and form a team with the pitch suited to their skills and mutual interests.

We collaborated with Moo Point, a restaurant with a unique and refreshing idea not only to serve good gourmet foods but to help maintain and prevent diabetes as its advocacy. We helped Moo Point to achieve this by making a revolutionary POS-CRM that has the capacity to compute and the calorie intake and sugar level to its selected customers to keep track on their diet needs. Soon, we will be launching an app to build a community with other restaurants and personalities who shares the same advocacy and principles to promote a healthy lifestyle. Please watch out and subscribe to our website to hear the latest news regarding this awesome project.

2nd day let the formed teams to get know each other and work for their final pitch to be presented at the third day. Seasoned entrepreneurs are present to give assistance and coached each team to help them build strategies and how they would market and eventually materialize their start up ideas.

On the 3rd day the entrants must finalize and consult with the coaches their final pitches. Each team must check for their presentations and get ready for the final program of the event. Our team competed with other six brilliant participants and placed 3rd in the rankings for the best presentation together with Ms. Blu Ignacio, Ms. Carole Dimapilis, Ms. Lilibeth Este, Ms. Kathleen Povadora, Mr. Joseph Pagtananan, Mr. Teejay Pimentel, Mr. Michel Sanchez and yours truly.

Prices given:

  • Google Cardboards
  • Android Freebies (notebook, stuffed toys, bags, etc.)
  • The Secrets to App Success on Google Play (a guide for web developers and enthusiasts to help their App be a success)

Here are the winners which stood out during the final pitching:

First: Nerdvana: Intelligence Solutions
Second: Project Seras
Third: Moo Point Restaurant Cafè

Judging Panels:

  • Mr. Alex Alabiso, from Kickstart PH,
  • Mr. Marco Van Denberg, CIO of IRRI and;
  • Mr. Raymund Piñon, Social Entrepreneur from Go Negosyo network

We urge everyone to participate and support Startup Weekend and be part of its growing community. We assure a fun and invigorating experiences here.

Photos above are documented on the activities in Startup Weekend Los Baños. Credits goes to photo’s respective owners.

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