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We have two (2) types | of Printer Service:


Toner/Cartridge are included in your monthly and at the end of the contract, printer will be yours!

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You’ll just have to pay the minimum # of toner/cartridge per month as you use our printer for free!

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Printer Services | Approval Process

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How to Apply:

All you have to do is to email us the following documents:


  1. Filled-up form (Download form here: Microsoft Word or PDF)
  2. At least 1 valid ID and 1 secondary ID, must contain your current address (go here for the list)
  3.  Utility Bill
  4. Proof of Income (ITR)
  5. For business owners: SEC/BIR copy

Additional Requirement:

  • Schedule of Appointment
  • Store/Office Visit (Especially upon delivery)
  • 2 guarantor must be provided

Email us the following requirements together with the filled-up form from Naotech. Our personnel will contact you shortly. Reminders: Bring original copies upon visit; All applications are subject to approval. Additional requirements may be requested if deemed necessary; All listed documents are subject to change.


Easy To Apply | Quick Approval!

You can easily apply for our printer service online! Just fill up the form and attach your requirements and wait for our personnel to contact you.

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Contact Information

You may reach us whenever you feel to through:


Telephone: +(63)2 798 2168
Mobile: (0936) 558 9065, (0936) 923 1947, (0905) 666 6049

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